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Workshop und Albums Lecture

Photography Albums in Russia

Di, 16.10.2018, 15:00
Albums are common places to store and find photographs, but they are also peculiar things in themselves: they arrange pictures in structures of visual and textual narrative, imply the order of pre-fabricated or handmade design, combine pictures in a page to make a new meaning.
Photography albums can serve a range of functions: beside variables of autobiographical and family ones, albums can commemorate graduation, army service, a journey or a hobby, hold a collection etc. With all their variability, photography albums (like private photography in general) always obey to unwritten rules that can be traced by studying them closely.

15.00 Uhr Workshop: Private Photography in Archives
19.00 Uhr Albums Lecture: Photography Albums in Russia. Topoi, Tropes and Traditions

Maria Gourieva teaches history and theory of photography at St.-Petersburg State University and St.Petersburg State Institute for Culture. She co-organizes After Post-Photography, the annual international conference in St.Petersburg.

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung "Alle antreten! Es wird geknipst!" Private Fotografie in Österreich 1930-1950
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