The Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art

The Volkskundemuseum Wien/Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art is a museum dedicated to cultural history and historical and present everyday culture in Europe. Establishing a platform for the interaction between various academic disciplines and fields of arts, the museum offers an open space for researching and negotiating discourses in society.
Engaging with culture and its material manifestations, the museum is interested in everday life and life styles, images of the self and the alien, identities and imaginations, heterogeneity and hybridity, sovereignty of interpretation and the formation of elites, power relations and political constellations, social spaces and societal processes.

The museum collections originate from the former Habsburg crown lands, today numbering more than 100.000 threedimensional objects and more than 200.000 photographies and graphics and being continously extended.

Established in 1896 Michael by Michael Haberlandt und Wilhelm Hein, the museum is housed in the Schönborn Garden Palace in the Josefstadt district of Vienna since 1917. As a cultural institution rooted in the 19th century, from early on the museum has encountered a constant development and reorientation according to the respective academic, political and societal turns of the 20th century.

The permanent exhibition of 1994 shows objects of pre-industrial life in the former Habsburg monarchy. Various interventions create intriguing linkages between past and present. Special exhibitions deal with the historical and present themes of everyday life in a constantly changing Europe. Working together with external curators or as part of international collaborations and projects, the museum experiments with innovative forms of showing and communicating.

Offering an extensive programme of communication and participation für adults and children, the museum, furthermore, is a place for film screenings, performances, academic conferences and much more. The museum consistently develops new formats, providing a public communication forum and inviting its users to discover, to participate, to discuss, to relax, to read and to drink coffee.
How to get there
Tram routes 5 and 33 (Laudongasse)
43 and 44 (Lange Gasse)
Bus route 13A (Laudongasse)
Access for visitors with impaired mobility
Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm
Thursday, 10am – 20pm
Regular € 8,-
Discounted € 4,-/6,-
Family Ticket € 15,-
Free admission: children under 19
Guided Tours
In German
English and Slovak available on request
Tuesday to Friday, 9am – 4pm
closed in July and August