We view museums as being both archives of society and political sites. Remaining free from any commercial interests, we work to generate perspectives and positions that are moving and challenging. As cultural scholars, we query historical and present-day realms of experience. What can objects show us? Who speaks – and appears – in stories? And what stories are needed by our future?
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Why Objects Came to The Museum through National Socialism and How We Deal with Them

Sat, 22.04.2023 – Sun, 26.11.2023
One would think that provenance research and restitution cannot be exhibited – and yet we are doing precisely that. The exhibition deals with Nazi looting, justice and restitution. It presents the research into the acquisition and origins of objects in the museum and traces the status of the objects today. For the first time, the complexities of Nazi provenance research and restitution in Austria will be presented to the public in an exhibition. The main focus is the extensive Mautner collection, which the Volkskundemuseum Wien returned to its legal owners.

Oil Rush and Hutsul Cult

Photographic Objects of Dispute from Galicia and Bukovina

Fri, 18.11.2022 – Sun, 26.03.2023
: Ausstellung "Ölrausch und Huzulenkult" im Volkskundemuseum Wien. Foto: Kollektiv Fischka / Kramar © Volkskundemuseum Wien
The most modern industry in the poorest region: nowhere did the contrasts clash more than on the periphery of the Habsburg Monarchy, where petroleum engineers and speculators catapulted the hitherto underdeveloped region of Galicia and Bukovina into modernity. At the same time, ethnographers searched for the remnants of a supposed "originality" among the people living in the inaccessible eastern Carpathians and of unbroken traditions in clothing, arts and crafts, customs, or house construction.

The Shores of Austria

The latest display collection of the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art

Wed, 19.09.2018 – Sun, 08.10.2023
In 2015, (refugee)history was written along Europe’s external and internal borders. During this year’s WIENWOCHE 2018, this history becomes a part of the permanent exhibition at the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art.

Display Collection on Historical Folk Culture

Sun, 30.01.1994 – Sun, 08.10.2023
The permanent exhibition of the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art was opened in 1994 and provides insights into the museum's extensive folklore collections.
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