fruit, seeds

Fr, 19.04.2024 – Fr, 03.05.2024
„fruit, seeds“ is a multimedia group exhibition by which the artists intentionally locate and expose themselves and their works in the between, the “still figuring out” and the (un)becoming - a process which requires constant watering, so as to reap what is sown.
“Seed to tree, Tree to forest,
Rain to river, Need to feed,
Creature to teacher,
Teacher to student,
Student to caretaker”
(Extract from Octavia Butler’s “Parable of the Sower”, 1993)
18.4. | 18:00

Artists:  Yuliana Pineda, Ariella Bowen, Sedra Hamami, Merit Hanna, Aljeen Hasan, Katherine Duque Leon, Alba Hurtado, Tayla Myree, Moses Omeogo, Banan Sakbani, Ami Siregar, Esmail Sultani
Mentors: Luna Al-Mousli, Francesca Badea, Olga Belaya, Tonica Hunter, Luciana Matuk, Farila Neshat, Kateryna Orlova-Guzova, Barbara Pacholik, Poonam Krishna Pawar, Natália Polanská
curated by: Tonica Hunter
“fruit, seeds” takes place in the framework of the Avalon Mentoring programme, which brings together emerging young artists with established artists and mentors in the cities of Vienna and Bratislava.

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AVALON is an Erasmus+ Project that Fremde werden Freunde isimplementing together with the Bratislava Policy Institute.

The exhibition is part of before it gets better ... and takes place in the Open Galleries.

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