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Who are the Hutsuls? Habsburg, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Other Stories of a Fictional European Identity

Do, 15.12.2022, 18:00
„Hutsuls“ are a culturally oscillating ethnographic group in the Eastern Carpathians, located in today’s Western Ukraine.
In the Habsburg Empire, mysteries about their culture, their origin and their national belonging triggered vivid curiosity among artists, writers, scholars and politicians of surrounding national movements and states. They developed different phantasies of the Hutsuls and the adminitratively split Hutsul region, which became a borderland between Czechoslovakia, Poland and Romania after the collapse of the Habsburg State. Based on stories of the multilingual discourses on Hutsuls, we will discuss the cultural and political dimensions of their transnational imagination.
Martin Rohde (Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of History, Prague)
Bohdan Shumylovych (Center for Urban History, Lviv)
Jagoda Wierzejska (University of Warsaw, Institute of Polish Literature)
Im Rahmen der Ausstellung Ölrausch und Huzulenkult
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