Grain: Burning Issue

Do, 09.11.2023 – So, 03.12.2023
Grain has become a burning issue in many senses. Ukraine used to deliver grain to over 400 million people worldwide. With the full-scale Russian invasion everything has changed dramatically. The Russian Federation is blocking the ways of grain delivery, shelling Ukrainian ports and grain storages, mining the fields, destroying machines for cultivating the land. Hunger is used as the tool of war and oppression. Human life is devalued. This is not the first case of such actions of Russia towards other nations. 
In the exhibtion of Ukrainian contemporary art grain will be discovered through photography, video-works and installations, featuring elements of Ukrainian folk art through colour, traditional folk-art techniques and values reflected in the artworks. Moreover, it will be embodied in the grain itself – grain delivered from Ukraine, burned by the Russian shelling. The visitors will also be able to see parts of the drone, which Russia used to destroy the grain.

Artists: Oksana Gryniv, Yana Gryniv, Zhanna Kadyrova, Libkos, Pavlo Mazai, Svitlana Zhytnia
Curated by Yana Gryniv, art curator, artist, founder of the Art Contact Ukraine platform

9.11. 6pm

Guided tour with the curator Yana Gryniv:
10.11. 1-2pm (English)
10.11. 2-3pm (Ukrainian)
19.11. 12.30-1.30pm (English)
19.11. 2-3pm (Lecture "How Holodomor altered the Ukrainians" + guided tour)
19.11. 3-4pm (Ukrainian-German, guided tour)
Participation fee: 15 euros (the cost of one medical tourniquet, which will save a life in Ukraine).
Supported by
Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Austria, Permanent Mission of Ukraine in the Republic of Austria, Volkskundemuseum Wien, Josefstadt

Wir verurteilen den Angriffskrieg auf die Ukraine und zeigen uns solidarisch. Darum bietet das Volkskundemuseum Wien ukrainischen Künstler*innen und Kulturinitiativen eine Plattform und gibt Ausstellungen, Treffen und Austausch Raum.

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