Educational Work

In our educational work, it is important to us to think further, to question perspectives and narratives in the exhibitions and to find new perspectives together. Exchange and change of perspective, communication and discussion are dear to our hearts.
Our focus is on the present view of the past: reflected, critical, respectful. The extensive collections of folk art and regional culture of Austria, its neighboring countries (former crown lands) and other parts of Europe, as well as a complementary collection on topics of "flight" and "migration" provide points of reference for doing research together.

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Guided Tours
Every Sunday, 15.00hrs, we provide insights into the exhibition collection and the ongoing exhibition and research projects. Go to the Schedule (German language)


Special programs for groups and school classes:
In addition to the regular programms the museum offers extensive cultural education in the special exhibitions. These can also be found in the programmes. For The Shores of Austria, the supplementary exhibition in the exhibition collection, we recommend the programme What does "Migration Background" actually mean?

For groups of adults:
Our offers for adults can be found in the programmes. We are also happy to organise workshops, in-depth guided tours or discussions with specialists and curators on various topics in our exhibitions and collections. We have plenty of material for exchange, change of perspective and discussion. We look forward to your request.

For individual visitors:
Would you like to go on a puzzle hunt through the museum? Have you ever written with a quill? Do you know what it looks like behind the scenes of a museum? Outside of our regular programme, we regularly organise special programmes for children, young people and adults. You can find these in our Event Calender (German).

www.volkskundemuseum.at/programme (German language)

+43 (0) 1 406 89 05.26

Schedule of educational programs
Tue to Fri, 9.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m., Thu, 9.00 a.m. to 20.00 p.m., Monday closed
Break room available, Hildebrandt Café with guest garden, museum garden with consumption-free zone, passage to Schönborn Park with children's playgrounds

Minimum price for educational programs: Standard price for groups of 10 people
Free admission for children and young people up to 19 years
For groups of 11 or more people, group leaders have free admission.

On request, our guided tours and programmes for deaf and hearing impaired, blind, visually or walking impaired people and in light language are designed to be barrier-free. For visually impaired and blind visitors we offer specially developed educational programmes. Information on barrier-free access to the museum here

All programs and offers at a glance: Folder online
Alternatively, send us a message with your postal address and we will send the brochure directly.
Contact: office@volkskundemuseum.at

What is going on at the museum?
Information about exhibitions, events and workshops can be found in our newsletter.

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